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Long-Distance Check-Ins for Your Peace of Mind

Being far away from a loved one can be worrisome, and even more so when that loved one is elderly. When busy schedules and expensive travel make it difficult to visit as much as you would like to, you want to make sure that someone is caring for your senior loved one the same way you would. At Seniors Helping Seniors® Boca Raton, we understand what you’re going through. We’re here to provide seniors in Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, and the surrounding areas with top-quality care services, including long-distance check-ins and overnight stays.

Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services strives to provide senior home care that families can trust. Part of that is our commitment to transparency. When you choose us for senior care services, you can be sure that we’ll keep you updated on your senior’s health and wellness. That’s why we offer long-distance check-ins as part of your senior’s care. Our caregivers will provide you with thoughtful, detailed updates on your schedule, whether you’d prefer to receive them daily, weekly, or monthly. We’re happy to adjust the frequency depending on how your senior is doing. We also offer a number of methods for our check-ins, including texts, emails, calls, and video chats.

Overnight Stays to Assist Seniors

Nighttime can be especially challenging for many seniors. In addition to the loneliness that seniors often feel regardless of their health status, those who experience insomnia, sundown syndrome, or difficulty with personal care tasks might feel unsafe at night. Our team of caregivers offers overnight stays that make the wee hours a little more comfortable for your loved one.

Our overnight stays can be customized for your senior's needs, including:  

      • Mobility assistance

Worried about nighttime falls? We’ll help with things like going to the bathroom or fixing a glass of water. Whatever it takes to help your senior feel more comfortable.

      • Hygiene help

From reminders to take their medication to help changing into pajamas and brushing their teeth, our caregivers can get your senior ready for a good night’s sleep.

      • Household assistance  

We can take care of simple activities like locking the doors, taking out the trash, and setting the air conditioner.

      • Improved sleep quality

Many seniors say that they sleep better knowing that someone is available in the next room if they were to need anything.

What you can do

Your senior will sleep better knowing that there’s someone in the home to help them if they need it. We find that their families rest easier, too. Seniors Helping Seniors offers friendly, reliable senior care services to elders in Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, and the surrounding areas. Call us today to learn more.

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