My mother, who was a widow since my dad died five years ago, was doing OK, but not great. At age 91 she lives in a condo by herself. I live in California. She was definitely not going to move here. She said she was too afraid of earthquakes (I live in the desert and didn't tell her about the rattlesnakes). She needed the kind of help only a good friend or close family member could give her, like helping with shopping, going for walks, just having conversations. The great thing about Seniors Helping Seniors is my mother is able to talk and reminisce with helpers who are her generation and share her culture. On some of my trips I've met Paul, Mike and Ed, and they seem like such warm, caring people. Paul told me his mother who had Alzheimer's lived with him until her death. He took care of her, so I know my mother is in the hands of loving, sensitive people I can trust. She says she loves her caregiver, who came over to watch the Academy Awards with her! I couldn't be happier with SHS. Thank you guys.

— John Stark